Quickly find new advertising markets

your competitors don’t even know exist.

Give it a go yourself

Enter your search term. We will return back the first 30 FB interests from their US data pool, so you can see some what you're missing using their tool.

You will also see the total number of results so you can see how big the market is.

Find more niches

Using our search dashboard, you can find more niches than Facebook shows on its own Ads Manager. Facebook only shows 25 related interests. We show ALL of them.

Quickly select niches

When you have found the hidden niches, you can quickly copy them and paste them into the Facebooks ad manager, or export them as text or a CSV file for later use.

Get a competitive advantage

Your competitors may all still be targeting the first 25 interests shown on the Facebook Ads Manager tool. You will know of many others, thanks to Hidden Interests. Target these, and you will get an advantage.

Quickly find the niches you need to target

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