Why do you need Hidden Interests?

Last updated on Mar 1, 2020

Why should you use a tool like this when the Facebook Ad Manager gives you everything you need. Well, does it? We will show you why it doesn't.

Hidden Interests is a tool to help you find more interests to target within your Facebook advertising. You see, the interests that are returned within the Facebook Ads Manager, only returns the first twenty five popular interests. That means, your competitors will see the same twenty five results. In order to get the edge on them, you need to target interests that they aren't targeting.

Let's say you're promoting weight loss, using the popular Keto Diet method. Weight loss is a very popular and very competitive niche. It would be very difficult to find keywords that others aren't already using. When you go to the Facebook Ads Manager to create your ad, and enter 'Keto' into the interests box, these are your results.

Keto Adapted
Weight Loss (Fitness & wellness)
Ketone Bodies
Ketodiet app
Cyclic Ketogenic diet

And that's it. Eight results. Imagine all the competitors you have for those keywords.

Now, using Hidden Interests, and the same 'Keto' keyword.

Weight loss (Fitness And wellness)198144860
Health & wellness135479070
Healthy diet124556810
Wellness (alternative medicine)48700240
Low-carbohydrate diet37452930
Weight Loss (Fitness & wellness)33225510
International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness16849130
Paleolithic diet14848140
Weight Watchers14036460
Slimming World6979280
Field (agriculture)5210900
Natural bodybuilding3892560
Diabetic diet3058510
Atkins diet2206420
Cyclic ketogenic diet2095528
Food faddism1897330
Mediterranean diet1806930
Low-fat diet669250
Macrobiotic diet571990
Size zero510880
Dukan Diet339320
Keto Adapted206385
Zone diet181510
Robert Atkins (nutritionist)11420
Stillman diet3520

That's thirty results.

Now, let's say you want to promote a product related to parenting.

Get to the Facebook Ads Manager and enter 'Parents'. You get 25 results. Most of them are kind of generic. eg: Parents with pre-teens, Parents with teenagers, The New Age Parents

Now, enter Parents into Hidden Interests. You get 121 results, including Smart Parenting, Positive Parenting Solutions, Parenting Styles etc. Most people are looking for solutions, and these niches are definitely wanting a solution. So, instantly you have found plenty of new niches to target.

Whilst doing the research for this article, I found the keyword 'Vegan organic gardening'. Very niche. So niche in fact, that Facebook only returns this one phrase.

Hidden Interests returns eighteen:

Vegan nutrition14620676
Raw veganism3083620
Cyclic ketogenic diet2095528
Veggie burger2012760
Vegan Outreach1469050
Forest gardening1184320
Low Carbing Among Friends808330
Lacto vegetarianism644140
Vegetarian Society419160
Vegan organic gardening160410
Single Moms41340

Some of the results aren't directly related to Vegan Organic Gardening, so can be ignored, but others like Vegan Nutrition, Agroecology and Vegan Outreach are clearly related. These are keywords and Facebook groups that you wouldn't have found using the facebook ads too.

So, now you know about the benefits of using a tool like this, we will get on to showing you how to use it in the next post.